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Employee Training

Customized.  Affordable.  Effective.

WVC's Center for Entrepreneurship provides development and training opportunities for our business partners.  Whether you are a large business, a small business, or starting your own business, we have a growing list of trainings designed to be customized to your business needs.

To schedule an appointment to talk about your training needs and grant opportunities, click here.

Matching Grants for Training

Receive a dollar-for-dollar match for customized employee training to keep your company competitive.

Image by NEXT Academy

Tax Credit and Deferred Payment for Training

Get a B&O tax credit and defer the cost of training when you participate in customized employee training.

Image by Daniel Smyth

 Self-Pay for Training

Get the most flexibility and a great value when your
company pays for customized employee training.

Image by Brooke Winters
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