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Matching Grants

Job Skills Program (JSP)

The Job Skills Program grants fund half of the training costs; partner employers provide cash, an in-kind contribution, or a combination of both to fund the other half.  The investment made in employee wages and benefits as they participate in training is calculated as part or all of the company contribution.  Click here to schedule a time to talk about this grant and your training needs. 

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Completed Training Project

An aerospace supplier enhanced productivity by equipping 124 employees with the skills needed to
relocate product lines and redesign the shop floor.


Completed Training Project

A startup company began operations smoothly and efficiently by training 43 newly-hired employees in equipment technology, operations, industrial skills,
and quality assurance.

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Completed Training Project

Consortium Training

Five manufacturing companies won certification and promoted regional economic growth when they provided
AS9100/ISO9001 training for 44 employees.


Completed Training Project

A manufacturing company implemented new enterprise software and had 256 employees participate in program-specific trainings as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.  

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