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Tax Credits & Deferred Payments

With the Customized Training Program, training costs are paid by the SBCTC from the revolving loan fund created specifically for this program.  The business repays 100% of the training costs, and with each repayment they may claim a state B&O Tax Credit equal to 50%.  Effectively, participating businesses receive 50% off the costs of customized workforce training.  Click here to schedule a time to talk about the program and your training needs.

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Completed Training Project

A rapidly expanding marine company reduced costs, shortened delivery time, and increased customer value by
providing 44 employees with Lean training and facilitated Kaizen events.


Completed Training Project

A health care organization sparked innovation when it provided 63 employees with supervisory training
aligned with the organization's strategic plan and focused on leveraging the ideas, experience, and commitment of staff.

3D Tube


Completed Training Project

A manufacturer of high quality polyethylene piping added a new product line after providing ISO9001
conformance standards training to 13 employees.

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