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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Course Name
Target Audience

First-Level Leader

Skill Focus

Resolving Conflict

You will learn to:
Identify the common causes, signs, and impact of workplace conflict.
Recognize your role in resolving workplace conflict and the accountability your employees have for resolving their own conflicts.
Recognize the warning signs of escalating conflict and determine when to coach or mediate to minimize damage and encourage discovery.
Differentiate between the effective and ineffective behaviors of both leaders and employees when it comes to resolving workplace conflict.
Use a set of essential interaction skills to conduct effective coaching and mediating discussions.
Employ best practices, tools, and techniques to help your employees build the skills and confidence they need to resolve their own conflicts.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Reduce the damaging effects of workplace conflict on individuals, groups, and the organization.
Effectively address workplace conflict and enhance productivity, efficiency, and morale.
Help others take responsibility for resolving their own conflicts.
Promote a culture of trust and mutual respect within your work group.
Build an innovative and collaborative work environment.

Length of Course

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