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The Application Process

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Kelly Sikkema

If you are interested in the SEAP program and would like to apply, please read the following carefully:

Students must:

1. Download and complete the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) Application or pick one up at a local WorkSource office.  Start at the top right and enter your contact information in the blank corner. Here is some adidtional information that has proven helpful to other applicants in the past:

Enter the following information in Section 1, Program Provider Information:


Enter your program start and end dates, which are unique to you.  Your start date can be as early as one week after the date you plan to apply, and your end date must be no later than the end of your benefit period that ESD has already determined for you.  *Note: You will begin the program immediately and must complete the program by your end date.

3. Email the completed form to to have the approved provider complete and sign the Program Provider Certification section on the application.

4. The form will be emailed back to you and you can submit the completed application by email to, or mail it to:

Employment Security Department

Attn: Training Benefits/SEAP Unit

P.O. Box 9046

Olympia, WA 98507-9046


What happens when a completed participant’s application is submitted to ESD?

Applications must be submitted to the Training Benefits Unit for review. They write a formal decision approving or denying SEAP and mail it to the applicant. If approved, the participant also receives a Training Advisory letter that explains their responsibilities while in the program.

*Note: Applications submitted more than one quarter (three months) in advance of the reported program start date will be denied.

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