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Engaging and Retaining Talent

First-Level Leader

Target Audience
Skill Focus

Building Talent


You will learn to:
Recognize the positive business impact of engaged employees.
Understand the leader’s critical role in engaging and retaining talent.
Determine how to apply three factors that drive higher levels of engagement and retention.
Conduct engagement conversations with direct reports to learn how well their job and environment address what matters most to them at work.
Initiate retention conversations and take action to retain valuable talent.

Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Engage individuals on a daily basis.
Uncover and address what individuals need to be more satisfied and engaged at work.
Inspire higher levels of engagement by acknowledging the value people bring to the organization and showing them you care.
Increase the quality of your conversations with people about their engagement and intent to stay.

Length of Course

2 hours

Recommended Prerequisites


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