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Driving Change

First-Level Leader

Target Audience
Skill Focus

Facilitating Change


You will learn to:
Prepare to effectively communicate the business strategies and rationale that are driving the need for change.
Utilize three actions to accelerate the implementation of workplace change.
Recognize the nature of resistance and use a set of skills to uncover and respond to that resistance.
Determine aspects of the change that can be controlled or influenced.
Use essential interaction skills to conduct effective discussions that help your team members move closer to embracing change.
Apply tips, tools, and techniques to support your team members and encourage them to commit to change initiatives more quickly.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Accelerate the process of making change happen.
Clearly communicate the business rationale for the change and the benefits it can bring to team members and the organization.
Create an environment that is conducive to change in which team members are more readily prepared for change initiatives.
Minimize the potential negative effects change can have on productivity, morale, and collaboration.
Turn resistance into commitment and inspire team members to take ownership of the change.

Length of Course

2 hours

Recommended Prerequisites

Communication: Connect Through Conversations OR
Communicating for Leadership Success

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