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Developing Yourself and Others

First-Level Leader, Aspiring / Emerging Leader

Target Audience
Skill Focus

Building Talent


You will learn to:
Recognize the role of the leader and the team member in development planning and execution.
Recognize the importance of development to the success of individuals, teams, and the organization.
Use a three-step process—Assess–Acquire–Apply—to identify strengths and growth areas, plan development actions, and successfully implement development plans.
Employ a set of best practices to overcome common development barriers and challenges.
Measure the effectiveness of your development efforts to gauge their success.

Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Build an agile team that can respond quickly to changing work demands and skill requirements.
Create meaningful plans that focus on individual, team, and organizational development needs.
Increase the likelihood that development plans will be implemented and their goals achieved.
Increase job satisfaction and engagement while supporting strategic organizational goals.

Length of Course

2 hours

Recommended Prerequisites


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