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Delegating with Purpose

First-Level Leader

Target Audience
Skill Focus

Delegation & Empowerment


You will learn to:
Identify tasks and responsibilities you can delegate to achieve key business results and develop your team’s capabilities.
Apply a process to match people to the tasks and responsibilities you want to delegate.
Plan an effective delegation strategy by identifying clear boundaries and expectations that will prepare people for success.
Use a powerful, flexible set of interaction skills to conduct delegation discussions tailored to the needs of the person taking on the task or responsibility.
Apply techniques to follow up on delegated tasks and responsibilities to monitor progress, measure results, and provide ongoing coaching and support.
Identify common pitfalls and missteps in delegating as well as techniques for overcoming them.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Achieve key business results by leveraging the entire team’s abilities.
Build the team’s capabilities and capacity through developmental delegations.
Free your time to focus on mission-critical responsibilities.
Delegate with increased confidence.

Length of Course

2 hours

Recommended Prerequisites

Communication: Connect Through Conversations OR
Communicating for Leadership Success

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