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Building and Sustaining Trust

First-Level Leader

Target Audience
Skill Focus

Emotional Intelligence Essentials


You will learn to:
Recognize how trust in the workplace affects business results.
Analyze your role in building and sustaining trust.
Identify common workplace behaviors that can build, sustain, or break trust.
Demonstrate behaviors that show you trust others as well as give people the confidence to trust you.
Use interaction skills to foster open communication, build and maintain trusting relationships, and repair damaged ones.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Improve your business results and operational success by proactively building, maintaining, or repairing trust in the workplace.
Enhance teamwork, collaboration, and engagement by building and sustaining high-trust relationships.
Repair relationships in which lack of trust is negatively affecting job performance and job satisfaction.

Length of Course

2 hours

Recommended Prerequisites

Communication: Connect Through Conversations OR
Communicating for Leadership Success

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