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Taking the HEAT

Course Name
Target Audience

First-Level Leader, Aspiring / Emerging Leader

Skill Focus

Customer Focus

You will learn to:
Recognize the business impact of customer retention on your organization.
Identify the differences between two types of customers��walkers� and �talkers��and explain the importance of encouraging walkers to talk about their dissatisfaction.
Apply a set of skills (HEAT) that will enable you to identify and respond to dissatisfied customers.
Use a set of best practices for taking the �heat� to turn difficult customer situations into positive interactions.

Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Provide excellent service that meets or exceeds your customers� expectations.
Recognize a dissatisfied customer and clarify the problem.
Respond to challenging customer service situations in ways that address your customers� needs.
Have a positive impact on your organization�s business results by retaining valuable external customers and building strong relationships with internal customers.

Length of Course

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