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Strategies for Influencing Others

Course Name
Target Audience

First-Level Leader, Aspiring / Emerging Leader

Skill Focus


You will learn to:
Identify typical environmental factors that affect how others may react to your influencing opportunities.
Assess the commitment level of each person you need to influence to achieve your business outcomes.
Select strategies that are tailored to your opportunity and that enable others to understand the impact and importance of your idea.
Use a set of packaging techniques that enable you to communicate about your opportunities with enthusiasm and conviction.
Choose actions that steer others toward making the commitment to implement opportunities.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Capture stakeholders� attention, gain their commitment, and make things happen.
Leverage your personal power to gain others� commitment to take action on promising ideas and alternatives that achieve business results.
Implement new ideas, improvements, and alternatives that will have the greatest impact on organizational objectives.

Length of Course

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