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Reinforcing Leadership Development

Course Name
Target Audience

Mid-Level Leader

Skill Focus

Building Talent

You will learn to:
Recognize and leverage your critical role as a manager in your First-Level leaders� success.
Apply best practices that engage, excite, and encourage your First-Level leaders regarding their own development.
Discuss development opportunities and share responsibility for acquiring and applying new skills and measuring results.
Identify the impact of using a set of essential interaction skills that meet personal and practical needs.
Respond to the various challenges that have an impact on your efforts to support leadership development.

Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Support individuals before, during, and after they participate in training events or activities.
Share accountability with First-Level leaders for identifying opportunities to apply newly learned skills in the workplace.
Champion the value and benefits of using interaction skills in everyday conversations.
Provide as well as promote the use of specific, balanced, and timely feedback.
Recognize and reward leaders who are successfully using their leadership skills with their people.

Length of Course

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