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Maximizing Team Performance

Course Name
Target Audience

First-Level Leader

Skill Focus


You will learn to:
Recognize five success factors critical to maximizing team performance.
Understand the important role you play as a leader in creating and sustaining a high-performing team environment.
Assess your team�s performance to identify the conditions that prevent the team from achieving maximum results.
Apply the success factors to strengthen your team�s performance.
Create an action plan for you and your team to implement.

Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Avoid misdiagnosing problems that negatively impact team performance.
Focus your team�s efforts on high-priority actions that directly support your organization�s goals and strategies.
Enhance the effectiveness of your team by addressing conditions that prevent it from achieving higher levels of performance.
Foster an environment of collaboration and shared responsibility, including virtual team members, for achieving team goals.

Length of Course

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