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High-Impact Feedback and Listening

Course Name
Target Audience

First-Level Leader, Aspiring / Emerging Leader

Skill Focus


You will learn to:
Recognize the importance of feedback and listening to the success of individuals, groups, and the organization.
Identify common feedback deflection traps to avoid.
Identify and check assumptions that can become barriers to listening.
Use a set of interaction skills�Key Principles�and a feedback model�STAR�to promote others� receptivity to feedback.
Use listening and receptivity techniques to avoid defensiveness and demonstrate receptivity to developmental feedback.
Use a feedback planner, interaction skills, and the STAR model to provide developmental feedback.
Applying these concepts/skills will enable you to:
Support colleagues� job performance, growth, and development.
Enhance your job performance in ways that benefit you as well as your colleagues, customers, and organization.
Build authentic, trusting relationships with colleagues that show you have their best interest in mind.
More wisely choose opportunities to seek feedback and give feedback to others.
Handle, reduce, or eliminate unnecessary defensiveness or negative emotions that can accompany feedback discussions.
Help create a culture of teamwork and performance by proactively seeking feedback.

Length of Course

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