Courses and Business Counseling

Work with your WVC representative to select and submit payment for a combination of the following courses that satisfy the need for education on these four topics: Starting a business, writing a business plan, marketing, and basic accounting.  


Starting a Business / Writing a Business Plan

The following two courses can be taken together to satisfy the requirement for education on these two topics. Some advantages to this option:  Courses begin in the middle of each month and run for six weeks, providing 24 hours each of great content.  One disadvantage:  When the courses are completed, you no longer have access to the information.  Click on each of the links below to view the course syllabus and pricing information:

 Creating a Successful Business Plan

Start Your Own Small Business

Both of these courses can be replaced by the StartUp Bootcamp program, which is fully accessible online and can be completed on your own or with a small group and a facilitator.  This course is highly recommended because you have long-term access to the content and are able to develop your business plan, print it out, and make modifications from right within the program.  This is a significant advantage over the courses listed above.  You can start this program any time if you wish to do this alone, or you can contact the Center for Entrepreneurship to ask about the next start date for the group program (which includes a seasoned facilitator and guest experts from multiple industries - accounting, legal, and marketing, etc.) 


There are two different marketing options in the online course offerings, and you may choose the class that fits your potential business model the best.  You are always welcome to take both:

Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring


Marketing Your Business On the Internet

Basic Accounting

And for managing one of the the most important aspects of your business - managing the finances - you'll need to complete: 

Accounting Fundamentals

Business Counseling

Individual business counseling is the final component to the SEAP Program.  You will meet with and complete progress reports with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Counselor in your county.  You are welcome to reach out and schedule an appointment any time, with or without approval in the SEAP program:

Chelan and Douglas Counties SBDC Office

Okanogan County SBDC Office

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